Diana Zapała

Name: Diana Zapała
Age: 26+
Profession: Youth Leader
Experience: 6-10 Years

Education through sport (ETS) and Non Formal Education (NFE) Experiences

These events are events from the past. When I was still an educator in another club. Football competitions were organized once a year, you know – at ease. At first, it was not easy to find a team, but we really wanted to take part. Young people came reluctantly, without commitment, out of coercion.

The first competition was played without complete composition and without preparation. 

Over time, more and more young people began to come, and training (unprofessional, but still) was more and more regular. The youth sought it on their own.

Later, there was less and less time, they met less often, and they fell into the club. However, what they had connected was the team, a joint matter. Thanks to the joint game, they managed to create a team that respected each other, their time, and collective good. Even when there was no time to stay in the club every day, spending bad days there, you could always find time to be in the football team again.

Nothing was used then that you are talking about at least not directly. We didn’t explain it to ourselves at that time. It just happened itself.

At the time when the information came that there was a league and that we had to gather – despite the fact that we were of legal age, each of us was already doing something, he worked somewhere – despite this we managed to collect in one place, at one time, train together, And then play the match as a representation of a free zone. It was amazing, how we got together, the fact that respect for each other forced us, just to mobilize, find time and play this match together, teams. At that time, nobody told us this was non-formal education through sports or something. At that time, it was called Fair Play, or just a team. A human has been learning all his life. Now I will know.