Project Results


Within the framework of our project we have tried to provide different resources on the methods of Nonformal Education and Education Through Sport in order to give interested practitioners simple tools to better use sport as an educational instrument in their respective contexts.

On this platform, developed mainly by Associacao desportiva cultural e social de Carvalhais, you will find a small self-learning course designed by SPIN Sport Innovation that will introduce you to the topic of NFE and ETS. All contents of this course can also be downloaded to discuss the topic within your team or with a broader audience.

In addition, Mine Vaganti has created a video for you that links to the self-learning course and illustrates why many experienced coaches use sport not only as a tool to promote health or physical fitness, but also to foster personal development and social cohesion.


Red Deporte has selected three small learning tasks together with primary school children from Madrid and together with these children they have visualised in short video clips how sport-based learning could look like for these tasks. 

RCW Kielcach and MUNDUS Bulgaria have put together a handbook in which you will find some practice examples that you can try out with your own target group.