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For whom is this self-learning course designed?

Micro Learning 1 - What is NFE

We typically distinguish between formal, non-formal and informal education.

Micro Learning 2 - What is ETS

Sport and play were already recognised in antiquity as a goal and instrument of education.

Micro Learning 3 - NFE-ETS Principles

Using NFE and ETS to build your “house of learning”

Micro Learning 4 - Safe Learning Environment

The Learning environment refers to the place, time, context and culture in which the learning takes place.

Micro Learning 5 - What are Teachable Moments

A particular
moment or a situation from which an opportunity arises to teach an individual or a group of learners something specific.

Micro Learning 6 - How to guide reflection and learning in NFE and NTS

Reflection is a key element of the education through sport approach.

Micro Learning 7 - Case Studies

Take a look into a various case studies.

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