The Project

The Project Idea

The project will offer to target groups the opportunity to undergo non formal education trainings using sport as a tool for education. It aims at creating PE teacher/ sport staff-centered empowering environment for enabling the target groups to understand the NFE concept. The project will as well present the Education through sport (ETS) methodology to a number of practitioners working in the sport and non formal educational sectors and will train them and offer them tools in order to make better use of sport and physical activity in their daily work, therefore will develop their competences and make them feel more secure while applying the ETS methodology.



Aims of the project:

SPORT & NFE aims to create an empowering environment for building up competences of sport sector figures (sport coaches, trainers, PE teachers) by applying sport methodology. The PE teacher/ sport staff-centered will be enabled to understand the NFE concept and therefore to become more competent and secure while applying the ETS methodology.

Non- formal education trainings using sport as a tool for education will be involved. The project will serve to bridge the formal education, NGO and sport sectors, contributing to the creation of long term multi-level cross-sectorial networking and cooperation.

Some of the expected results:


Sport coaches, PE teachers and sport sector professional figures trained and equipped with competences, able to use non formal education and specifically the ETS methodology

Best Practices

A range of best practices of using sport and physical activity as tools for education and a way for achieving social transformations will be shared and exchanged


A strategic cross - sectorial cooperation between stakeholders in the sport and non profit sectors in Europe


An extended international network of professionals able to use the ETS Methodology all around Europe and around the World