Samanta Seddda

Name: Samanta Seddda
Age: 33
Profession: Trainer
Experience: 6-10 Years

I think the best episode I can remember is when I lead an ETS methodology based training with an eterogeneus group of participants (from 17 yo to 60 yo). The profile of the participants was really different, I even had a doctor and a professional basketball coach.

It was the most challenging but at the same time the most satisfying experience. In fact, in the beginning it was not so easy during the activities to make the participants change from a competitive behaviour towards a more cooperative and inclusive one. However, day after day, the situation improved and the debriefing moments became really inspiring, especially when some of the younger participants understood the purpose behind the workshop and helped the others to understand, establishing a genuine and motivational intergenerational dialogue.

The last two days we reached the top. We made the participants create their own ETS workshops and test them with the students of a local school. That was the moment in which was clear that the participants understood the principles of ETS. The care they put in the development of the activities as well as the leading and supporting attitude they demonstrated towards the student was the best outcome possible for the training experience.