Tony Virginio Morabito

Name: Tony Virginio Morabito
Age: 30+
Profession: Trainer
Experience: 0-5 Years

Education through sport (ETS) and Non Formal Education (NFE) Experiences

In the frame of non formal education I’ve been carrying a project of which the goal was to create new sport activities with the aim of integrating people of different age, backgrounds, nationalities, gender and religion in the same context.

The project was divided in different stages, at first the creation of a solid group of people from different countries was made possible through activities pointed to group dynamics and teambuilding, in the following days, once the group was ready to work together, we created and invented sport games, by using inspiration from already existing games and instruments, we implement new rules and features.

The games and sports have been tested first internally and following a successful trial we have been hosted by local schools, where we have shared our new methods and played with local children. The activities carried out were a success and the result on how non formal education was effective even beyond the borders of non verbal communication.